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December 12-14, 2017
Orlando, Florida




 RapidClave® Technology:

  • Optimized composite cures for complex laminates of changing thickness and core sections
  • Reduced cycle time within bounds of resin chemistry
  • 0-350 psi (0-24 bar) pressure
  • 110°F-800°F (43°C-427°C) direct tool heating and indirect composite heating
  • Heating rate, dwell and cooling ramp accurately controlled within 5°F (2.8°C) of setpoint
  • Automatic tool change and connection of all tool/part services (heat/cool, TC, RTD, vacuum)
  • NEW induction heating with RocTool


  • High fidelity of cure in single part (non-batch) environment
  • Energy efficient process reduces process time and systemic cost of operation
  • Multiple tooling and heat/cool solutions
  • Simple recipe programming and comprehensive data acquisition and reporting
  • Enables single piece flow process automation- systemic factory floor efficiency
  • Reduced factory floor footprint
  • Right-sized process envelope for tool family size

Custom Automation for Composites Manufacturing:


In addition to Globe’s production-proven RapidClave® System, recent developments in high-capacity, automated manufacturing systems for advanced composites include:

  • Precision Tooling Positioners
  • Ultra-high Pressure Presslines for Plastic Armor
  • Automatic Lamination Machines for Thermoset and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Fully Integrated Workcells incorporating Globe core technologies (process heating/ cooling, tooling design, material handling, consolidation and forming, trim and prep for finishing)


Ask us how our creative and experienced team can utilize lessons learned during 100 years of process and machine development to help solve your application-specific challenge!