Custom Machinery



Do you need a support system that can keep a mounted laser precisely accurate?


How about a leveling system for extra large items?


Have you ever thought, "I wish I could find a machine that would let me work on this from different angles?"


Are you struggling with ergonomic issues?


Do you need a REALLY LARGE item machined?


If you KNOW what your plant needs to become more efficient, but you haven't found the right product anywhere...


Then it's time to call Globe Machine!

Custom Machinery Custom Machinery

Custom Machinery Custom Machinery

Custom Machinery Custom Machinery

Globe Machine Globe Machine Globe Machine

Globe Machine Globe Machine

Our Facility provides the following
Manufacturing Capabilities :
  • Lifting to 80 Tons
  • Machining to X = 345” Y = 135” Z = 40”/ 39”
  • Turning to 48” Swing x 236”
  • Burning to 8’x 24’ HD Plasma
  • UL 508A Certified Panels
  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic Systems
  • Engineering & Design

See photos below, then explore more about our facility here.

If you need it to move up, down or through; be mobile or stationary; adjust with precision;
expand; hold tightly; be flexible; support; spin; tilt; multiply effort; work manually; be automated
...or any combination of the above....

Let our knowledgeable sales department, amazing design engineers, and talented mechanical crew turn your needs into solutions.

Call us with your ideas:  (253) 383-2584 or (800) 523-0327

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Machining cutter

Machining cutter heads on a 130" diameter tunnel boring part.

Forklift probe

Forklift probe attachments being fabricated. Each assembly is designed to lift five (5) 4100 lb. devices.

Embedded rail system

Embedded rail system being precision machined after fabrication.