PULP & PAPER: Market Pulp

PULP & PAPER: Market Pulp

Globe Pulp Bale Dewiring System


Pulp bale dewiring system This system is designed with flexibility in mind. With the availability of several different configurations to choose from, systems can be customized for re-pulping rates as low as 100 TPD or as high as 1000 TPD.


Flexibility in design goes beyond just speed; with the ability to handle all commercially available pulp bale types.


These include traditional wired bales, glued bales, re-pulpable strap type bales, CTMP and Wetlap. With dewiring rates at a clip of 15 seconds per bale, a single dewiring system is more than capable of feeding multiple pulpers in batch mode, continuous mode or a combination of both pulping modes.


Speed and flexibility are vitally important in today’s operating environment, but dewiring efficiency is paramount.


The Globe Pulp Bale Dewiring System is designed with “zero-tolerance” for missed wire and is offered with a 100% dewiring efficiency guarantee.


At Globe Machine Manufacturing, we set the standard in Pulp Bale Dewiring & Handling Systems.  A standard that others call revolutionary! Need help with a specific application? Give us a call and let us design a system for you!


Globe Pulp Bale Dewiring System

Globe Pulp Bale Dewiring System

Systems Available For:

CTMP Bales CTMP Bales
Re-pulpable Strap Bales Re-pulpable Strap Bales
Traditional Wired Bales Traditional Wired Bales
Glued Bales Glued Bales
Wetlap Bales Wetlap Bales
Available Systems:


Kraft, Wetlap and CTMP bales.


Batch or Continuous feed systems with
automatic fiber type recipe management.


Automatic dewiring for individual bales and
unitized stacks.


Automatic destacking.


Wire bundling/compacting equipment.


Metal detection