Globe Finishing Lines for the OSB & OSL Industries


OSB & OSL finishing lines encompass all the processing equipment located after the press unloader. Possible operations include cooling, sawing, grading, stacking, sanding, edge profiling, edge sealing, conditioning, and packaging. Globe designs and manufactures integrated lines to meet all these requirements.


Finishing lines present an infinite array of choices not only in configuration, but also in machinery. Globe specializes in helping you with these choices and designing a line which fits your requirements with maximum operational flexibility and in a cost effective configuration.



Globe Finishing Lines for the OSB & OSL Industries





Globe Finishing Lines for the OSB & OSL Industries

OSB & OSL Production Equipment

  • Blow Detectors*

    Board Breakers

    Clean-up Systems

    Computer Setworks


       Belt Conveyors

       Chain Conveyors

       Roll Conveyors —

          Gravity Roll Conveyors

          Powered Roll Conveyors

       Trough Conveyors

    Coolers —

       Horizontal Coolers

       Rotary Coolers

       Vertical Coolers

    Edge Defect Scanners*


       Rake Feeders

       Neg-Air Feeders

       Vacuum Feeders


       Thickness Gauges*

    Grade Markers


    Humidification Systems


  • InkJet Markers*

    Inspection Lifts

    Llft Tables

    Load Doublers

    Paint Booths



       1st Pass Trim Saws

       2nd Pass Trim Saws

       Flying Cut-Off Saws

       Book/Beam Saws*

       Pre-Trim Saws


       Emergency Stackers

       Gradeline Stackers

       Selection Stackers

    Stencil machines



    Transport Carts

    Turners —

       Panel Turners

       Stack Turners

       Barrel Turners

       Propeller Turners



* Integrated Supply from Other Manufacturers


Unparalleled Track Record...

Globe’s track record in the OSB industry is unparalleled. They have built finishing equipment for more than 70% of all the world’s OSB plants – that’s more than 70 plants since 1980.

The reason for Globe’s success is simple: Globe provides quality solutions at a cost effective price and they go out of their way to support their customers.