Globe Machinery for the Plywood Industry


Globe has been involved with the improvement of plywood machinery since our inception in 1917, a tradition that continues today with a comprehensive machinery range capable of processing material from the dryer outfeed through to the finished products.


The Globe trim saws (known as "skinner saws" and "equalizer saws" in North America) have been a staple of Globe's production since the early days of the plywood industry. They are normally part of a high speed trimming and grading line and they are proven as reliable and rugged machines. Globe saws in excess of forty years old are still in daily use cutting at speeds of 35 or more panels per minute. Over the years, the design has been constantly updated to maintain our position as an industry leader.


Designed to produce a variety of sanded or textured finishes with edge and face profiling capabilities, Globe specialty saws are also built to withstand tough, high speed production for many years. The sander technology employed in the specialty saws is also used to produce multi-head calibrating and finishing sanders up to 5 feet wide.


Our press line program is based on a partnership effort with well known press manufacturers. Globe has developed a full range of press loading and unloading systems including "one man systems" and "chargers" as well as the associated control and conveyor systems. Globe pre-presses are respected throughout the industry for their solid construction and the traditional globe glue spreader is still tough to beat for productivity and efficiency.


Globe Machinery for the Plywood Industry

Plywood Production Equipment

Supplied by Globe

  • Blow Detectors*


       Roll Conveyors —

          Powered Roll Conveyors

          Gravity Roll Conveyors

       Belt Conveyors

       Chain Conveyors

       Trough Conveyors


       Rake Feeders

       Vacuum Feeders

    Gauges —

       Thickness Gauges*

    Glue Spreaders

    Grade Markers

    Hot Presses*

    Inspection Lifts

    Knife Hogs

    Lift Tables

    Load Doublers

    Panel Patch Lines


    Press Loading Systems —

       Hoist Loaders

       One Man Loaders

       Press Chargers

    Press Unloaders




  • Saws

       1st Pass Trim Saws

       2nd Pass Trim Saws

       Core Saws

       Fishtail Saws

       Band Saws

       Specialty Saws —


          Edge Profiling

          Face Profiling

          Scarfing Saws

          Multi-Rip Saws



       Gradeline Stackers —

          Hoist Stackers

          Air-Drop Stackers

       Emergency Stackers

       Dry Veneer Stackers

    Stencil Machines


    Transport Carts


       Panel Turners

       Stack Turners

       Barrel Turners

       Propeller Turners

    Veneer Patch Lines



* Integrated Supply from Other Manufacturers

Pride in our Performance...

We take a particular pride in our program of equipment for the plywood industry. Our involvement in this industry, particularly the North American hardwood plywood and structural plywood sectors, built the foundation for the diversified company that Globe is today. Our reputation has been founded on the performance of this equipment and it is a reputation we are determined to build upon in the future.