RapidClave® Rapid Curing System


Revolutionizing production of high quality carbon fiber parts is possible with our patents-pending, production-ready RapidClave® system


RapidClave® Technology
  • Optimized composite cures for complex laminates of changing thickness and core sections
  • Reduced cycle time within bounds of resin chemistry
  • 0-350 psi (0-24 bar) pressure
  • 110°F-800°F (43°C-427°C) direct tool heating and indirect composite heating
  • Heating rate, dwell and cooling ramp accurately controlled within 5°F (2.8°C) of setpoint
  • Automatic tool change and connection of all tool/part services (heat/cool, TC, RTD, vacuum)
  • NEW induction heating with RocTool
Industrial Advantages
  • High fidelity of cure in single part (non-batch) environment
  • Energy efficient process reduces process time and systemic cost of operation
  • Multiple tooling and heat/cool solutions
  • Simple recipe programming and comprehensive data acquisition and reporting
  • Enables single piece flow process automation- systemic factory floor efficiency
  • Reduced factory floor footprint
  • Right-sized process envelope for tool family size
  • A thermal processing and consolidation system and method

  • Heating, cooling, pressure, and vacuum all independently controlled according to a set of process parameters

  • Processes the same materials and resin systems designed to be processed in an autoclave.

  • System size optimized for the tool size.

  • 1 minute tool exchange time