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Rugged Construction

Designed for “around the clock” operation


Machined from single stress relieved frame weldment using thick steel side plates

Feed Rolls

Precision machined heavy steel rolls

Holdown Assemblies

Independent spring tensioning assemblies for positive pressure and reliable, simple setup

Arbor Assemblies

Ride on precision linear bearings for ease of adjustment


Shaft mounted on inverter-duty arbor motors and capable of being driven by variable frequency drives for tooling speed optimization, further improving cut quality

Optional Setworks

AB PLC Based System with linear position sensors for accurate positioning by variable frequency drives

Optional Extended Beam

Provides ability to move all saw arbors outside of the frame for easy access tooling changes

Optional Saw Exposure

Variable saw exposure for cut quality adjustment


Incoming widths from 3’ to 12’


Rugged Construction

Heavy-duty construction is designed for 24 hour, 7 days a week operation

Proven Design

Proven design ensures low risk technology with hundreds of operating saws

Precision Feed Chain

Globe’s precision, close-pitch, lubeless block chain gives smooth operation at high speeds

Holdown Assemblies

Outside holddowns boxes include independent spring tensioning assemblies and inside arbors are bottom vacuum type holdowns

Accurate Saw Positioning

Linear position sensors provide accurate saw positioning for the zero backlash precision gear box driving a rack and pinion locate the saws and saw skids on low-friction, precision linear bearings


Shaft mounted on inverter-duty arbor motors and capable of being driven by variable frequency drives

Optional Setworks

AB PLC based system with positioning by variable frequency drives




Designed  (with today's production requirements in mind) to replace our "industry workhorse". Globe 16Q, R, & T specialty saws.

Set Up

  • Faster Set Up times
  • Set up components accessible from outside the machine
  • Optional HMI based Setworks available

Increased Speed

  • Larger diameter dado arbor allowing for higher speed grooving
  • Cope motors designed for faster T&G and ship lap speeds

Redesigned Rough-Sawn Section

Allows for faster processing through-puts for rough-sawn products