Featured Item: Bundle and Panel Turners

Bundle and Panel Turners

Bundle and Panel Turners

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Bundle Turners



Heavy Duty:


Heavy duty steel frame with barrel type design  assures long life and flexible operation




Safe and simple in-line operation with automatic loading and unloading




Designs for various widths and lengths of stacks


Stand-alone models available


Entrance / exit flexibility designed for your specific production line


Hydraulic Clamping:


Automatic hydraulic clamp system prevents stack shifting during rotation


Hydraulic Powered:


Heavy duty hydraulic system ensures ample power for rotation and clamping


Panel Turners

Panel Turners


Radial arms interleaved with conveyor rolls are indexed to stop just below the conveyor material passline.  A sensor indicates to the turner when a panel is in the proper position.


Generally found in saw lines, panel turners can also be incorporated into inspection lines.


Depending on the size of the product, and the type of production line, the number and length of the arms may vary.


As with all Globe products, panel turners are designed and configured for your specific application.


Bundle and Panel Turners