Revolutionizing Wood Veneer Production: Introducing Globe’s PolyPatch FANUC Robots at Georgia-Pacific


Introducing the PolyPatch FANUC Robotic System

Revolutionizing Wood Veneer Production
At Globe Machine Manufacturing, we’re excited to showcase our PolyPatch FANUC robotic system. This innovative technology is transforming production at Georgia-Pacific’s Corrigan, Texas plant. Our partnership with FANUC highlights our dedication to excellence and innovation within the panel and door manufacturing industry.

Advanced Robotic Features
Our PolyPatch robots are the epitome of precision and efficiency. Equipped with cutting-edge Camsensor scanning technology and both 2D and 3D capabilities, they meticulously identify and repair imperfections in wood veneer. Capable of processing about 525 plywood panels per hour, the PolyPatch system doubles the efficiency of traditional methods.

Enhanced Production Efficiency
J.T. Lee, a robotic technician at Georgia-Pacific, notes significant efficiency improvements: “We manage one panel every 20 seconds with the robots. This unmatched efficiency represents a major advancement in our production capabilities.”

Workforce Optimization
The introduction of PolyPatch robots has also streamlined our workforce at Georgia-Pacific. Automating repetitive tasks has cut the manual labor needed for veneer repair in half, reducing the team from four to just two. This allows our employees to focus on more complex and fulfilling tasks. Plant manager Chris Bluethman explains, “Our employees now oversee the technology, focusing on more strategic tasks. This shift boosts productivity and job satisfaction.”

Strategic Industry Partnership
Our success is further supported by our partnership with FANUC, a global leader in robotics technology. Integrating FANUC’s advanced systems ensures unparalleled precision, reliability, and efficiency. This collaboration underscores our commitment to leveraging top-tier technology and leading innovation in the industry.

Pushing Technological Boundaries
This initiative is part of our broader effort to advance technology and operational efficiency in the wood products industry. For a deeper look into the impact of our PolyPatch robots and their features, read the full article on Woodworking Network.

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