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The requirements for board handling and processing after the press are becoming ever more demanding as presses get larger and faster and the customer base becomes ever more demanding of quality. Finishing lines have to take the raw boards from the press and process them through cooling, storage, sanding, sawing, and packaging with efficiency and reliability. Globe designs and manufactures fully integrated lines to include any or all of these operations.

Review the offered product & material highlights below and the machines we have created to handle a variety of tasks in this industry. Our sales team is standing by, reach out to them with your questions and comments.

Why Choose Globe for Offsite Construction Automation?

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Wood Based Offsite Construction Solutions

Globe Manufacturing offers world-class solutions for offsite factory automation and advanced wood-based products used in the offsite construction industry.

Wood Based Insultation, Panel,
and I-Joist Plants

Wood Insulation Plants
I-Joist Plants
OSB Finishing Lines
Plywood Production Lines

Mass Timber
Framing Factories

Mass Plywood
Lifnor CLST

Platform Framing
Offsite Factories

Globe Wall Solutions
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Leading Edge Building
Product Innovations

MGO Plants
Paper & Plastic Recycle Board
Water Resistant Additive Technology
Fire REsistant Additive Technology

Offsite Construction
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