Composites Technology Center Announced

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Globe’s Advanced Composites Equipment team, in
collaboration with the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) is
pleased to announce the establishment of the UDRI-Globe Composites Technology
Center (CTC) to be located in Dayton, Ohio. This is the culmination of 18
months of discussions between Globe and senior members of the UDRI leadership
team resulting in a collaboration agreement signed in August-2018.

Globe will install and update a RapidClave® system at
the CTC to support materials/process development and applications development/demonstration
projects for US DoD, commercial aerospace, automotive and other markets that
lead to machine revenue generation opportunities. Globe’s manufacturing
engineering expertise combined with UDRI’s proven capabilities in polymer
development, carbon fiber preforming and low-cost 3D printed tooling capabilities
offer a unique opportunity to further establish Globe Machine Manufacturing
Company as a system-level supplier of the next generation of composites
processing technologies.

In addition, Globe and UDRI are in discussions to add
a larger, second RapidClave® system to the technology center in late 2019. The
establishment of the CTC offers a setting for Globe to showcase the RapidClave®
system and its proprietary low-cost tooling technology in an “open environment”
where any customer from any market can develop and demonstrate their specific applications
with engineering and strategic support from Globe and UDRI. 

Dan Allman
Director, Composites Business Development (859) 982-2342

James P. Martin 
Director, Advanced Composites Equipment   (518) 369-5701