A Rich History & Legacy

Established in 1917 in Tacoma, Washington, USA, Globe Machine Manufacturing Company celebrated 100 years as a machinery systems designer & builder in 2017, with expertise in high-capacity automated production systems.

Globe Machine Company Photo, 1951

Globe's Company Airplane, 1972

 Globe Through the Years

Starting in 1917, Globe Machine developed as an engineering and manufacturing company supplying machinery for the Door and Plywood Industry. As the Composite Wood Panel industry developed in the 1960s and 1970s, Globe was involved in producing lines for some of the early particleboard, MDF, and wafer board plants. As these industries matured, Globe’s involvement in the development of the North American OSB and Engineered Wood Industry stimulated growth throughout the company in terms of size and technical capabilities.

Globe’s history includes leading the development of process technology areas such as Plywood Manufacturing, Wood IJoists, and other Engineered Wood Products, Panel Finishing and Coating, and integrated Automated Storage & Retrieval. These activities are significant worldwide, with major installations in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

Today, Globe is a premier supplier of custom-designed, built, and fully integrated equipment and systems for industries that include plastic composites, automotive, aerospace, pulp & paper, and building products. Recent developments in high capacity, automated manufacturing systems include Wind Turbine Blade Automation, OutofAutoclave Composite Press Systems, and Ultra HighPressure Press lines for Plastic Armor.

Much of the company’s supply is built to suit our customer’s particular preferences and Globe specializes in developing new solutions to meet each new challenge. This is reflected in our design capabilities. More than 20 percent of Globe’s staff is directly involved, on a full-time basis, in machine design and development. Our company’s capabilities are not limited to those industries that may be featured on this website

Globe Machine Executive Team

Brian Haun / President

As President, Brian Haun’s focus is providing leadership in a way that is both operational and strategically positioned for sustainable success. It is a hands-on role in his eyes and allows him ample opportunity for face-to-face interaction with our employees.

Brian began with Globe Machine in 2008 after engineering roles with large name-brand companies. What drew him to Globe was a dynamic opportunity to work with customers and provide solutions on a more personal level.

“I found that exciting, and I still do to this day.”

Years after his initial arrival, Brian still leads by example, finding time to speak to salesmen, engineers, and the men and women around our shop floor. His passion for engineering and finding unique answers to factory challenges is the same passion he holds for the employees of Globe.

“At the heart of our success, our people will always be at the center of what it takes for Globe to prosper and grow in a way that’s sustainable.”

When not at Globe, Brian enjoys getting outdoors to golf, snowboard, and run. He is a devoted family man with Midwest roots and a strong passion for his Nebraska Cornhuskers. His experience and leadership are driving Globe Machine towards new solutions and success.

Ron Jacobsen / Vice President

Our Vice President has served Globe for more than 38 years. Beginning as an engineer and working his way up, Ron Jacobsen has spent his career focusing on innovation, business development, and his passion for engineering.

Ron grew up in a family with roots in the wood products industry. From an early age, he found himself playing at his father’s drafting table and fascinated with computers. After his interests drove him to study Engineering at Oregon State University, Globe welcomed Ron in 1984 and the two have been growing ever since.

“I am really still having fun doing what I do every day.”

Given his experience with both the equipment manufacturing industry and our loyal customer base, Ron often serves as an ambassador for Globe and an overseer of our new business efforts.

Ron has been at the heart of our mission to supply custom factory solutions for companies in the engineered wood, building products, and advanced composites industries. He has personally overseen hundreds of major projects and works closely with both our customers and internal operations to ensure quality and care go into every one of our unique systems.

“I find being involved from the first customer contact to final commissioning on many of our biggest projects very rewarding.”

Outside of Globe, Ron enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and exploring world cuisine.
Growing up climbing and hiking the Oregon and Washington Cascade mountains, his natural love of the outdoors meant a love of motorcycles and the open road was inevitable. That same passion and energy for his hobbies are extended on a daily basis into his leadership and determination for Globe and our customers.