Globe Machine Now Offering Robotic Preventative Maintenance!

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Globe Machine’s Service Department is now available for routine preventative maintenance (PM) visits for the upkeep of your FANUC robotics. Our robotic PM includes replacing batteries, cleaning your robot and its controller, checking for
   wear or damage on cables, re-greasing axis and bearings, ensuring proper
   operation of the safety circuits, and more.

FANUC recommends annual PM every 3850 hours of operation, or once yearly. Just like a regular oil change keeps your car running smoothly, our PM visits can help provide your robotic systems with the longevity to be relied on for years
   to come.

This addition to our service availability means Globe is a full-service provider for robotics. We are able to see you through your robotic systems from sales to
   implementation into the annual PM and eventually service.

 Trusting Globe for your annual robotic PM also means you have the added benefit of the quickest possible fix if any follow-up service is needed. We already know your production requirements and how your robotic systems address your unique needs. Now, we can take the next step and give your FANUC robots the
   proper annual maintenance to go along with our round-the-clock support.

 For more information, contact our Service Manager, Randy Colerick, or Robotic Automation Business Unit Manager, Jerry North.