Headed to Long Beach in May

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Globe’s Advanced Composites Equipment team wishes to thank all those who dedicated a portion of their time at JEC Paris to meet with us. It is exciting to exhibit at this event every year, to meet with like-minded individuals, and to discuss trending ideas in the composites arena. Our own advancements in composite processing; aerospace thermoset prepreg cure in RapidClave® and continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) tape re-orientation and high-volume consolidation remain at the forefront of the composites industry. It is also clear that a number of complementary manufacturing technologies for 2D and 3D tailored CFRT blanks are being offered by other manufacturers. This is good news for the growth of thermoplastic composites when multiple machine suppliers offer choices for an ever-widening range of applications from higher cost, lower volume aerospace to lower cost, higher volume automotive. JEC was also a good opportunity to strategize with our friends at RocTool, as we review candidate materials and applications for induction heating combined with RapidClave® or one of Globe’s thermoforming process technologies.
We’re looking forward to follow-up activities generated at the show, but for those who were unable to meet in Paris, we invite you to spend some time with us at the SAMPE

Conference next month in Long Beach, California. Please use the link below to reserve your time.