Induction Heating Trial Progresses

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James P. Martin:

October saw the integration of RocTool induction heating to Globe’s R&D RapidClave® in the Tacoma composites lab.  For now, the thermal oil system is disconnected and induction is the primary direct tool heating source.  One of our first process trials will be with a snap-cure prepreg engineered for automotive structural and appearance parts.  Stay tuned for results and a joint statement by Globe and the material supplier as we present this optimized material and process combination.

A proposal for production volume thermoplastic tape seaming systems was presented to a Globe partner/customer in October. The Seamer technology enables automatic re-orientation and edge-welding of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) tape.  We believe that converters of CFRT tape will benefit significantly by the ability to order not just incumbent UD tape, but also rolls of +45, -45, and 90 degree fiber orientations to more automatically feed various compression molding processes.

Jim Martin and/or Dan Allman will be at JEC Automotive Forums- Knoxville, TN on November 15-16 and CAMX Orlando, FL on December 11-14  Call or email them to set up a meeting.