OSB Production is Booming

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Many of the recent orders from Globe’s Building Products sector have been for OSB production equipment in locations throughout the world. This follows closely with the current trend for the use of OSB in place of plywood for many aspects of home building. 

 An article found on the Architectmagazine.com  website outlines some of the reasons for the explosion of OSB purchases.

  • OSB is more versatile and can be formulated with fireproofing material added.
  • OSB is made of 50 strand layers compressed into the same thickness as 7-layer plywood, without knots or voids.
  • OSB can be manufactured as long as 24 feet, enabling tall walls without seams.
  • Shear values are about twice those of plywood.
  • OSB is made from sustainably farmed small diameter trees.

Globe Machine offers equipment for 10 different types of manufactured wood production plants within our Building Products sector, including OSB.  We invite you to visit our website or meet with us at PELICE in Atlanta to discuss how we can help your facility.