Our Core Competency: Systems Engineering

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As Globe’s Advanced Composites
Equipment team continues to develop and mature process technology for
composites manufacturing, our customers remind us that our core competency of
systems engineering is what typically wins the purchase order.  Novel and improved processes are critical to
taking next steps in manufacturing, but integrating simple and cost-effective
automation around and between the process steps improves quality, production
rate, worker safety and economics of the finished product.  Globe Machine Manufacturing Company
engineers, builds and sells process equipment, but more frequently sells entire
manufacturing lines that embed those processes in the manufacturing flow.  Process equipment from partner machine
builders often helps complete our lines.
More than ever, our customers need a systemic solution to their
manufacturing needs, so a catalog-item approach is inadequate.  Strong manufacturing engineering expertise
recognizes that each machine element must interact with the one before and after;
whether this is a RapidClave® and its tooling, thermoplastic tape
re-orientation/lamination/consolidation/blanking, or our systems in an oriented
strand board (OSB) manufacturing plant.

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