Promoting advancements in two principle A/C areas

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JEC World Paris is March 6-8 and
Globe’s Advanced Composites Equipment group is excited to promote advancements
in two principle areas; aerospace thermoset prepreg cure in RapidClave® and
continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) tape re-orientation by our
Seamer process.  We continue to focus on
process bottlenecks; areas that have held back high volume composite
manufacturing due to material handling challenges and process
shortcomings.  Providing highly efficient
and flexible cure environments and incumbent material systems in forms that are
more readily converted to finished parts are truly enabling technology

Stay tuned for the announcement of a
strategic partnership between Globe and another machine builder that will
enable high-volume automation of previously manual-labor-intensive handling and
composite manufacturing processes.  As
our customers’ grow their product lines, we innovate to keep them competitive
in price and quality.

Jim Martin

Join us a JEC Paris!  We will be in  Hall 6, Booth R31D