Seamer Formatting Test

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James P. Martin

The Globe composites team continues to test various continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) tape products in our Seamer formatting process. By edge-welding prepreg tape pieces together in off-axis fiber orientations; e.g. 90 degrees, +45 degrees and -45 degrees, much higher rate downstream conversion may be achieved.  Continuous compression molding machines, belt presses and step presses can now be supplied with rolls of oriented fiber tape produced by Globe’s offline formatting process equipment.

Aerospace and automotive tier one suppliers visited with us in July to view the Seamer in action. Whether you are melt-processing PE and PP or Nylon or PEEK and PEKK, a configuration of the Seamer can help define a better business case utilizing automation where previously only manual methods existed.  Contact us for more details and to schedule a visit to Tacoma, WA to learn more.