Successful Strapper Startup

Globe is proud to announce the successful start-up of our Roll Handling & Strapping System at the Kruger Trois-Rivières Quebec mill.  This system is part of a mill revamp which Kruger refers to as the "Tranformation 2017" project.   The mill is being converted from a newsprint production plant to a specialized containerboard plant for the packaging industry. 
From the Kruger website:
“ (upon completion) the Mill will start manufacturing 100% recycled lightweight and high-strength linerboard for which demand is increasing in North America and around the world.Well before work got under way, Kruger’s engineers toured numerous manufacturing plants in North America and Europe to find the best technology for manufacturing 100% recycled lightweight and high-strength linerboard of the best possible quality.Commercialized as XTR, the new linerboard grades to be manufactured at the Trois-Rivières Mill will meet increasing demand for ultra-light packaging without compromising strength, performance or the environmental footprint.”
Read the full announcement of the project here.