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Pulp & Paper Business
Unit Manager

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Steve Jonas

Sales Manager (Pulp & Paper)
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Vision Statement

Globe Machine offers today’s pulp and paper industry a highly qualified and experienced team of sales staff, service people, and manufacturers. our multi-disciplined application engineers provide innovative solutions to all to often challenging pulp and paper mill situations.

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Pulp & Paper Solutions

Complete understanding of the North American Pulp & Paper market is Globe Machine’s most crucial aspect in serving our customers. We aim to provide innovative market-driven solutions to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. Here are some of our solutions. Contact us for more information and to share your specific factory needs.

PULP MILLS: Pulp Bale De-Wiring and Pulper Feed Systems

Globe Machine is determined to improve the production and processing ability of our pulp mill customers. We manufacture custom systems for bale dewiring, de-stacking, wire coiling, stray wire detection, and more. Our de-wiring systems feed pulpers at an industry-leading rate of efficiency. Globe Machine’s uniquely tailored approach to manufacturing means whether your production is continuous or batch fed, we can develop the perfect system to meet your needs. Interested in robotic automation? Our robotic automation department is experienced in designing de-wiring and pulper feed solutions to maximize production.

PULP MILLS: Pulp Bale and Roll Finishing Systems

Our complete pulp roll wrapping systems can tackle kraft or film wrapping in a cocoon or radial style for customers both domestically and overseas. Globe Machine manufactures complete pulp bale and roll finishing systems, including duo or uni-kraft-wrapped bales, wire tying, stenciling, automatic stacking, and more. Our engineers are experts in high-pressure hydraulic ram bale presses, allowing us to design better factory solutions and fabricate machinery to meet our customer’s specific needs.

PAPER MILLS: Tissue and Towel Grades
Our range of machinery for tissue and towel-grade paper mills begins immediately downstream of the kitchen rails and covers systems all the way to the warehouse and converting area. We custom manufacture a wide variety of systems including shaft pullers with heavy-duty scissor lifts, roll separation devices, core elevators, and more. We also manufacture radial or cocoon film wrapping systems for jumbo tissue rolls. Globe Machine’s development of unique roll turners minimizes slabbing and roll layer damage, resulting in more efficient production. Our automation capabilities extend into paper mills, with custom robotic systems which are also available

PAPER MILLS: Hard Rolls, Liner Board, Bag, Publishing & Specialty Grades

Globe Machine’s systems range from the winder deck to the shipping dock. We custom manufacture lowerators, upending lowerators, upenders, and finishing systems with kraft or film wrapping for numerous paper product producers. Our range of standard equipment features above or in-floor conveyors, safety fencing, and logic control systems. For light-weight grades, we design and fabricate kraft or film wrapping systems. At Globe Machine, we understand the challenges paper mills face, and so our machines are designed to your specifications and with the most efficient solutions in mind.