Revolutionizing Door Core Handling with Robotics: Globe’s Innovative Approach


Two years ago, an idea was born: to revolutionize the way door cores are handled with FANUC robots. The vision? An automated robotic cell that transforms unworked pressboard cores into fully routed door cores, seamlessly integrating with an existing router machine. This wasn’t just about automation; it was about efficiency, safety, and innovation. 

The Journey Begins 

Our journey began with a simple conversation with our client. Through rigorous application engineering and in-depth discussions, the concept evolved. The refined plan? Two synchronized robots work in tandem to manage the cell. Imagine this: automatic conveyors ushering in stacks of pressboard, allowing a queue of six stacks. One robot delicately de-stacks the pressboard, placing it onto a router. After the routing operation, the robots, in perfect harmony, flip the cores, preparing them for the next routing phase. The second robot then takes charge, unloading the router and stacking the finished door cores. The process concludes with more conveyors transporting the completed stacks, maintaining a consistent outflow. 

The Human Touch 

Before this innovation, the process was labor-intensive. Two operators, burdened with the repetitive task of manually handling pressboard cores weighing up to 100 lbs., worked in tandem. They loaded, squared, flipped, and unloaded these hefty cores, all while coordinating with forklifts. Our robotic solution not only alleviates this physical strain but also liberates an operator to contribute more strategically to the company. 

Challenges and Triumphs 

Late last year, we embarked on this ambitious project. By January’s end, we had a solid foundation, with parts en route and preliminary designs in place. However, every innovation journey has its hurdles. We encountered a significant layout change, prompting a pause and rethink. But challenges breed creativity. We collaborated closely with our client, using 3D scans and manual measurements to refine our layout. This collaborative spirit ensured that despite the setbacks, our project goals remained intact, and our client’s satisfaction was paramount. 

From Design to Reality 

By April, our designs transformed into production drawings, setting the stage for fabrication. June saw our shop crafting the core components, and by its end, the conveyors and robot stands were ready for testing. July was a whirlwind of assembly, programming, and testing. Our engineers, with their unwavering dedication, ensured that by August, the robotic cell was not just functional but exceeded expectations. 

The Future Beckons 

As we approach mid-August, our team is meticulously preparing for the project’s shipment. Every component is being checked, every design drawing finalized, and every program tweaked to perfection. And soon, our engineering team will be on-site, ensuring that this innovative solution transitions smoothly into real-time production. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine door core handling, one robot at a time. 

Watch the robotics team and our FANUC Robot R-2000ic 100P models masterfully handle particle boards:

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Author: Nathan Robinson, Globe Mechanical Engineer